Monday, December 7, 2009

When I hear the sound of the Black Bird's Cry.. I know I left in the nick of time

It's a snowy cold day in Colorado. I'm curled up on the couch reading and drinking tea.. all that's missing is a fire place and some violin music playing softly in the background...

Well I went back to PA from November 23-December 3 with my big brother and my bestest gal pal. I have often wondered as I look at my mountain view if Colorado is in the cards for me or if I'm just wishing and hoping its where I'm suppose to be. Now I am more certain then ever that running away from home was the right thing to do.

It was great to see my family and friends again, the familiar faces really warmed my heart and made me feel so blessed for those in my life. I was able to surprise my family on Thanksgiving and then again surprise all my old college friends and professors with a visit to campus a few days after the holiday. So fun! I enjoyed seeing my best friends and realizing that no matter where life takes you, you can always know that real friendships never die. When I hung out with my girls and of course Jeremy it was like I had never left home, it was wonderful! However, I did realize soon why leaving PA was a smart move for me.

Have I ever mentioned that I was offered my own TV station in Connellsville PA? Well I was offered this job.. in August.. and I turned it down immediately without hesitation because I was playing the mountains and of course nothing fazes me when I'm 9000 ft above elevation. Then a few days later I realized what the offer entailed.. a career (good pay, benefits, security, status, etc.) And I have often wondered if I turned out something good. While I was home however I just didn't feel like myself.. I was tense, anxious, participated in activities I gave up a long time ago, had no interest in making time for God. And as I hung out Pittsburgh and Butler I realized something.. if I was to take this job in PA I would never get to where I want to be.. a voice for those who suffer. Although this station job would give me authority, money, and security.. it would also give me a 9-5 office job, in small town PA, and I would not be as free or as alive as I am out in Colorado. I knew then and there I had made the right decisions.

As for the rest of my trip there was some great times and some not so great times. Seeing old familiar faces brought both joy and pain but such is life.. The one great thing was that my family and I were able to have a burial and memorial service for my little brother. We went on a small walk to one of his favorite hunting spots and buried him under a beautiful tree in the woods. It was a beautiful time to spend together and a time of reflection of not only Christopher but of ourselves as well. I also spent wayy to much time at Ricks.. and looking back I'm thoroughly embarrassed that I let old crazy anne out of the box.

But now I'm back in Colorado and so happy to see my mountains again! Its freezing cold and the snow is accumulating more and more everyday.. yay!! Its so beautiful ! I am also in the process of my first producing job.. a producer of non-profit commercials for a series entitled "Go Serve" I am so excited and nervous about this opportunity. God really does provide when you trust in him. No its not a full time TV station, but its what I love to do.. that is so much more important then money and job security. The hardest part of this job so far has been deciding my budget.. I really love what I do so much that I honestly could care less about the money. I know practically that is nonsense but I really do love working for free as long as I'm shooting and editing video!

I also just finished reading a book, Volunteer Revolution by Bill Hybels. Awesome! It was about why people volunteer, what it means to volunteer, and how communities need each other for our own abilities to contribute. I highly recommend it if you are a passionate community volunteer but especially if you aren't and you are curious about what it means to volunteer. It just has made me want to go out and spread the love! :)

I'm also just starting a new book, "When God Writes Your Love Story." So I hear a lot that I'm somewhat of a tease.. or heartbreaker.. mainly my big brother likes to point it out. This book was recommended to me and I decided to invest in someone's expert opinion of relationships with the opposite sex. While I was home I actually had a little crush on someone but I think they keep turning me down.. not sure. But really I am so content being single I don't want to think about dating. However, I often wonder if I am being called to singleness or not.. but I'm anxious to indulge in this book and perhaps it'll open my eyes to my heartbreak ways ;)

So this was long, and probably pointless but I thought I'd update it for the two people who may sometimes read this. Remember.. "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." Anne Frank

Good Night & Good Luck

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's the difference between a police officer & a bank robber?

Ok so follow along with me because I have a feeling my big idealistic heart is just going to start rambling on about the way the world should be. But this is just in my head and i need to write it down.

The other night I was taking home a friend after a production and he begins to tell me that there was a robbery near the town I live in in Colorado. He told me two robbers, a man and a woman, were robbing the bank when the police showed up and shot both of them. Well I replied with "I hate that they feel they can just kill someone" and this boy very seriously looks at me and says "who would you rather have died, the police.. or a robber.." implying that the police officer responsible for the death is somehow a much more worthy human being to live. Hear me out on this one..

So what's the difference between a police officer and a bank robber. All we know about all three of them is one enforces the law and the other two broke the law. But aren't they all three human beings, and don't you think all three of them come from families and have friends. Do bank robbers not have needs or emotions, or are they just the trash of our society? I mean let's examine the officer.. all we know is that he saved the day at this event, but what does he do with the rest of his time? With the sick world we live in now he may be more of a hazard to our lives then they were.

The next day reports came out about this couple who was shot while robbing the bank. They were described as great contributors to our community, always giving back, always very warm and friendly. But some people came forward and said that they were loosing hope because of financial problems. So again, yes they did a not-so-note-worthy thing but they were desperate, struggling, hopeless. Have you ever been put in a situation of desperation, starvation, homelessness? That's what I want to turn to this boy and ask as I drop him off at his lovely home and I want him to think about as he falls asleep in his warm bed. I can't say I've ever faced those situations either but I've learned through my life its time we start looking at things through other's eyes.

So they were described as people who were always willing to lend a hand.. hmm.. I wonder if anyone ever lent them one? What if we got together in our communities, spoke with our neighbors, visited with friends or people who aren't friends and found out what people are struggling with in life and are in need of.. and we give it to them. Such an idealistic thought huh? NO! Come on people we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS. People deserve to live and to be happy no matter what they've done in their life or where they come from. If this couple was surrounded by a community who looked at the needs of others and gave selflessly their actions and ultimate death I guarantee would have never happened. Its just so frustrating for me to see people spending hundreds of dollars this time of year because tis the season for giving.. but the thought of giving a dollar to a Salvation worker outside the walmart is so repulsive because we're all struggling financially right? Man, we do not need all this crap we buy. If you want to buy clothes for your friends or family for Christmas then go through your closets and find things that are in good shape that you don't wear.. walk down town, and give it to someone or donate it to a homeless shelter. Or go out into your neighborhood, walk around, and talk to people. When you make attempts to connect with someone it can change everything for them, especially someone who is feeling lost and hopeless. Its not cliche its the honest truth!

I am just so sad for my friend who really thinks that people who are hungry, desperate, and hopeless deserve to die because they did something when they had nothing to loose. I still don't get the argument.. is the cop free from sin because he has a badge? please!

Voltaire once said, Human beings are created EQUAL. It is not birth.. but virtue that makes the difference. Are you following me? I guess to wrap this up I'm saying this.

Care for those who have no one to care for them. Look around your community and extend a hand of hope to those in need. Not just because its the Holiday season but because its our purpose and sole responsibility as humans. We've got to learn how to live in community, where we NEED everyone else in our lives actively to survive. And we need to stop building hierarchies amongst ourselves as if one of us is better then the other. Who decided that? Does a badge make you superior? No. Don't get me wrong I appreciate what police officers do and the risk they take with their job, but don't put them on a pedestal because underneath that uniform they are human too and they have made their own sets of mistakes.

I'll leave you with this. Tonight at theMILL a bunch of college students got together and decided they were going to buy a car for this guy who was in need of one. A bunch of broke college students scrapped up money and support and were able to buy this kid a car so he could get to work and keep his job. Isn't it odd that students who honestly don't have hundreds of dollars in petty cash laying around were able to buy a really nice newish car for this kid and they did it because they felt it was their responsibility to help him out.. did I mention this kid they bought the car for was a complete stranger to them until they actually gave him the car? So please pray for those in need who are struggling and are hopeless and then think of what you can do for those in your communities. And stop judging the lost, because I'm pretty sure you reading this now have committed a bunch of crimes and have been lost and hopeless in your life at least a 100 times. You're not an exception to the rule.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


My cousins attend this church, Northern Hills, that holds a ministry on Friday Nights for college students && people in their twenties. About two months ago my cousin Theresa told me this ministry was looking for video volunteers and so being a big fan of God, volunteering, and video production I called up the pastor and offered my expertise.

theMILL is a pretty hip ministry and I've made a lot of great new friends through it. The video production is also very legit and I'm excited about the possibilities this opportunity will open up for God's work and my own. The Ministry was originally created in CO Springs and attracted a thousand college students and young adults every Friday night. Northern Hills church adopted the program and every Friday night young adults from Denver, Boulder, and all the areas in between gather together to have fun, celebrate life, and grow together. We had an activity going where people could post a need they had on a white board and other people in theMILL could pick up the white card if they felt they could meet the need. This week theMILL is giving away a car.. a super saweet car.. to a kid who was in need of one!! I love being apart of a community that believes it takes all of us living and working together to truly live. We were made to love and live with each other and I love the example theMILL is putting forth.

For the production team I produce the Friday Night Show as well as sermon videos and any promotional videos. It's saweeet. Stay tuned and I'll start a account to show the videos. I love my job!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The hardest part for me when deciding to start a blog was the title. What am I trying to share? Since I've graduated college I've spent my time meeting new people, creating relationships, and building bridges between communities. I'm on this journey to discover how all these relationships I'm building and lessons I'm learning will eventually weave themselves together. That's really how I want to spend my life.. opening up pathways for others who live worlds apart to come together. I don't know exactly what that looks like but I feel that between my trip to haiti, my summer in the rocky mountains, and my current affairs of networking, freelancing, and volunteering I've already started to connect pieces to the bigger picture.

So although I'm still technically unemployed, I truly believe God has a plan for me here in Colorado and the pieces I'm building are slowly leading up to my life's purpose. Not all who wander are lost. I know my time is coming, I'm hopeful.

"Seize everyday as an adventure and your spirit will soar when you discover all the wonderful surprises life has to offer "